Morgin Madison - Living the phantasm
I was approached by Morgin Madison about art directing his debut album on Mau5trap records. From the start, I was asked to create 12 cohesive music videos for the album to help shape the visual world of Morgin's music. I started the project off with creating several different style frames and explorations of where we could take the look of his brand. We decided to create a slew of visuals that were geometric in nature but otherworldly in color and reminiscent of 90s electronic club lighting.
Final Music Videos
Live Show
After the launch of the album Morgin and his management team at Mau5trap wanted to create a visual package that Morgin could use on tour. I started with using the visuals we created for the album as a base layer and built a large assortment of variations on each visual so that they could be used in a live setting. These visuals have been displayed opening for Deadmau5 in some of the largest nightclubs and music venues in the United States.
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